Event Date: 17 Apr 2021 - 1 days
Venue: Central SolentLocation: Cowes United Kingdom

The long winter is over. Let's kick off the Covid cobwebs and get racing again in our season opener, the Solent Shakedown, and to celebrate we are inviting the Double Handers to join us.

The SOLENT SHAKEDOWN RACE is set for Saturday 17th April 2021

At the request of a number of our Double-Handed friends, THERE IS A DOUBLE-HANDED CLASS for teams that comply with any Covid Social Distancing rules. We set the precedent in  Covid Shakedown last year and we are pleased to do so again.

This race is being used by RORC as a points scoring race in the 3 race RORC Spring Series for the 2H IRC Class (Double Handed). Entries for this race are via SORC, and SORC NOR and SI's will apply, but for the RORC Spring Series races on the 3rd and 10th April entries are via RORC where RORC's NOR and SI's will apply.

RORC Spring Series NOR


The usual SORC rules and safety critera will apply, amended to allow a Double-Handed Class.

As Covid rules currently stand, solo and duo yacht racing will comply. However, there will be no formal apres race social so the the race will be started and finished in the Central Solent to make things as viable as possible. If restrictions are eased, then we can modify the plan.

Email if you have any queries.



specific to the Solent Shakedown Race



applicable for the whole 2021 season, and should be read in conjunction with race specific sailing instructions


The SI's should be used in conjunction with our 2021 NOTICE OF RACE document.


WHEN YOU ENTER PLEASE EMAIL    with the following information:

  • Are you Solo or Double-Handed?
  • Name of co-skipper if double-handed?
  • If you need a SORC backstay pennant then we need to address you want this sent to?


No socials or dockside prize-giving are planned as the Covid "Rule of 6" would be difficult to comply with. However, it is now allowable to stay away from home in self-contained accommodation within your household bubble ... which allows solo skippers and many double-handers to over night and enjoy the pleasures of the Cowes High Street takeaways! Some berthing space has been reserved at Cowes Yacht Haven on Friday and Saturday evening but it is up to skippers to book directly.

Cowes Yacht Haven


CONFIRMED ENTRIES at 14/04/21 09:24        
    Boat Name Boat Type Sail Number IRC MMSI
Stephen Scholefield Mustigo II J111 IRL7111 1.096 232007146
Stephen Thomas Azora C&C 115 GBR7581R 1.033 244106014
Nigel Colley Fastrak XII Sun Fast 3300 GBR7933R 1.025 232022134
Richard Palmer Jangada JPK1010 GBR958R 1.008 235107651
Noel Cockle Monocle Oceanis 45 GBR 4441 L 1.002  
Simon Mitchell Roxanne Sun Fast 3200 GBR2539L 0.995 235079086
James Porter Moonshadow Sun Odyssey 349 GBR 473R 0.958 232010252
John Skipper Magewind Maxi 1050 GBR 8485T 0.956  
Jeffrey Knapman Virago MG 335 GBR 1396T 0.931 235093911
Paul  Reymond Oi oi Parker 275 5367T 0.860 235104974
Chris Charlesworth MEOW Contessa 26 CO1 0.780  
Clive Miles Jangle J122e GBR3922R 1.085 235110532
Gavin Howe Tigris Sun Fast 3600 GBR914R 1.049 232015265
Jonathan Bevan Jelenko Sun Fast 3600 GBR3759L 1.044 235086353
Rob Craigie Bellino Sun Fast 3600 GBR8657L 1.040 235107201
Tim Octon NJOS Corby 35 GBR9824 1.033 235064923
Henry Bomby Swell Sun Fast 3300 GBR4849R 1.033 232034008
Phillip Holroyd Smith Musketeer First 40.7 GBR7727T 1.031 235005346
Nick Martin Diablo Sun Fast 3600 GBR795R 1.030 235108044
Jim Driver Chilli Pepper Sun Fast 3300 GBR1663R 1.030 232029549
Kelvin Rawlings Aries Sun Fast 3300 GBR5176L 1.028 232031420
Peter Bacon Sea Bear Sun Fast 3300 USA61287 1.028 232028288
James Harayda Gentoo Sun Fast 3300 GBR6890R 1.026 232027127
Kuba Szymanski Polished Manx First 40.7 IOM 7003 1.012 235015768
James Owen Jet J99 GBR7899R 1.010 232019565
William McGough Just So J/109 GBR529R 1.003 235052507
Kate Cope Purple Mist Sunfast 3200 R2 GBR4867L 1.001 232019426
Tim Goodhew Cora Sunfast 3200 R2 FRA35829 0.996 232015067
Tony White Mzungu Sun Fast 3200 GBR8956R 0.994 235089512
John Eversfield Wild Rover Mg 346 GBR 4941T 0.969 232014624
Gavin Doyle Duff Lite Corby 25 GBR9033T 0.920 232034420
Gareth Edmondson Jazzy JellyFish J109 GBR8529R 1.008 235072226
David Bright Kit Off Corby 25 GBR 2552R 0.916 232023710
Rob Macgregor Dark Horse Mustang 30 GBR6384T 0.907 232029020

Current Entries

The follow people have entered this race to date.

Entrant Boat IRC
Stephen Scholefield Mustigo II 1.096
Clive Miles Jangle 1.085
Gavin Howe Tigris 1.049
Jonathan Bevan Jelenko.II 1.044
Rob Craigie Bellino 1.040
Stephen Thomas Azora 1.033
Tim Octon NJOS 1.033
Henry Bomby Team Bomby/Robertson 1.033
Phillip Holroyd Smith Musketeer 1.031
Jim Driver Chilli Pepper 1.03
Nick Martin Diablo 1.03
P BACON Sea Bear 1.028
Kelvin Rawlings Aries 1.028
James Harayda Gentoo 1.026
Nigel Colley Fastrak XII 1.025
Kuba Szymanski Polished Manx 1.012
James Owen Jet 1.01
Richard Palmer Jangada 1.008
Gareth Edmondson Jazzy JellyFish 1.008
William McGough Just So 1.003
Noel Cockle Monocle 1.002
Kate Cope Purple Mist 1.001
Tim Goodhew Cora 0.996
Simon Mitchell Roxanne 0.995
Tony White Mzungu 0.994
John Eversfield Wild Rover 0.969
James Porter Moonshadow 0.958
John Skipper Magewind 0.956
JEFFREY Knapman Virago 0.931
Gavin Doyle Duff Lite 0.92
David Bright Kit Off 0.916
Rob Macgregor Dark Horse 0.907
Paul Reymond Oi oi 0.860
Chris Charlesworth MEOW 0.78
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