Notice of Race 2022
v1.2 - 8 February 2022

This NoR (Notice of Race) is for the full SORC 2022 season. You must read it carefully AND also the relevant SI's (Sailing Instructions) for the races you have entered when they are issued.

The Notice of Race includes the Skippers Risk Declaration which needs to be signed each season before your first race.


NOTICE OF RACE 2022 v1.2


Keel Inspection Requirements Amendment

The World Sailing Offshore Special Regulation 3.02 will not be applied as a mandatory requirement for SORC races in 2022.

Whilst SORC acknowledges the importance of all safety related issues, the Committee has agreed to amend the Notice of Race as follows:

Keel and rudder inspections, as defined OSR 3.02, are strongly recommended but will not be mandatory for 2022.

This amendment is incorporated in version 1.2 of the SORC 2022 Notice of Race dated 8 February 2022.

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