This years RIOW Race, kindly sponsored by PROMARINE FINANCE, a proactive source of finace for your next boat, was an epic. No screaming reaches, but plenty of hard work with variabke winds and transitions to snag the unweary.

Well done to Jeffery Knapman for winning overall.


Kuba Szymanski reports from "Polished Manx"

SORC Round Isle of Wight was a very interesting and definitely "a hard work" affair.
Was it "race of smaller boats"?
Statistically it must lead to this conclusion, First 40.7 (39 footer by the way) was 4th and last 3 boats are all 39+
Having said that I would not do justice to very hard work done by everyone.
We started in very light breeze of 3-6 kts, spinnaker start at Gunard and SORC start line. 3 classes as we also had DH racers with us.
All starts seen "clear line" as no one wanted to return to very strong tidal stream.
22 strong fleet spread well and those who knew little tricks of IOW Winning Tides were definitely gaining. I for one wish I knew "Yarmouth Trick" ??
Promarine Virtual Mark made sure that no one got too close to wreck.
Kites down and to everyone's surprise serious 9-14 kts from N came and provided nice blast up to St. Cats
Leading boats decided to go in shore and the rest was divided between those who followed leaders and thoise who watched tide and decided to go directly for the St. Cats
This strategy seemed to pay off - less miles sailed with tide now turning favourable.
Huge wind shift at St. Cats allowed fleet to consolidate again.
Back of the fleet catching up nicely, frustrating leaders - no doubt.
At this point two boats decided to go well offshore, almost into the anchor ships 2-3 miles off Shanklin - Anticipation and Azora.
The rest of us stayed on the rumbline between Monks Bay and Bembridge East Cardinal.
Who was right - Definitely Peter and Stephen !! It paid hansomely to seek wind offshore.
All boats managed to carry kites almost to the finish line - almost as wind shifted again 180 at Old Castle providing beat for last 7 cables at Snowden Finish Line.
Congratulations have to go to:
Laurence - 1st in IRC 1
Jeff - 1 st in IRC 2
Aaron & Paul - 1st in DH
We have to mention Noel (Monocle) who abandoned his race and went to rescue of Westerly in trouble off Shanklin and towed them to their port of refuge.
Day end saw us in Island Sailing Club having superb dinner and attending Prize Giving.
Thank you guys - this was superb Round The IOW race !


Pete Newlands reports from onboard "Anticipation", his First 40.7

Racing for the Anticipation Cup 2021 in the SORC ProMarine (Marine finance) Round The Isle of Wight Race.

The pre-race Friday evening tapas dinner at Shepards saw superb food being enjoyed. And smart race shirts being worn.

On Saturday race officers David Giddens and Kirsteen Donaldson set the fleets off from the Lisburne line at Egypt Point in Cowes without incident.

Downwind spinnakers and A-sails were set between 0730 and 0750 in the lightish NE breeze with bright sun and the tide well away.

Graham Deegan on his modified Farr 30 eased away ahead of class one pursued by Nigel Colley on his Sun Fast 3300 "Fastrak" and myself.

There were some pulses of slightly increased pressure on the way towards Hurst narrows and Kuba was showing well with his masthead symmetric.

Laurence Mead recovered from his oopsy upside down A-sail hoist at the start, running goosewinged (or wing on wing) at times to gain separation from the pack and gained well.

Following a most enjoyable run with the first symmetric gybes for a few of us we all rounded the Promarine virtual mark off the Needles and set off for St Cats.

This was a tight reach. Nigel tried a code zero with water tank while Graham was working hard with a reef in his main!

Six intrepid young Oppi sailors were seen off Atherfield on the South side of the Island accompanied by two ribs. That was around 10am

Parking lot/wind shift one was at St Cats with a swing from NE to SE which faded away leading to parking lots two and three off Bonchurch and Sandown Bay.

Great fight at the front between Graham and Nigel was settled on the final gybe with Graham’s inshore track paying off.

Laurence got me and the fleet bought up the eventual breeze.

Graham began the leg to Ryde under jib, then hoisted code 0 then A-sail. It had already been a long hot day becalmed for long periods so we were all very hot and probably tired.

He did not find it amusing to see the rest of us carrying spinnakers on that leg and also on the run home back to Cowes.

He still was far enough ahead to win overall but hit parking lot four just past Wootton. As did Nigel and Laurence.

So myself and Stephen Thomas with Azora avoided the hole by skirting wide.

Graham was still leading past Norris when the SW kicked in and we all just about dropped our spinnakers in time for a 5 minute beat to the finish.

After another epic Promarine RIOW Race it was Graham, myself, Laurence on the water with the positions reversed on IRC.

Sitting on the majestic roof of the Island SC prior to the prizegiving dinner at 2030 we noticed the six Oppi sailors drifting past Cowes on a glassy sea. I later heard they accepted a tow home when it got dark, somewhere past Gurnard/Thorness. Could be some determined solo sailors there for the future!

We could only guess what time they set off (probably from Lymington) and must have had foul tide at the Needles.

Apparently there were also some cross Solent swimmers at Hurst – but I missed those whilst contemplating my first solo dip pole gybe and evading Laurence.


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