2020 Offshore Race 1 - Lymington to Brixham
Roxanne wins the first Offshore Race of the 2020 season

At last the 2020 SORC Offshore Season takes off, and a good one iot was to for Simon Mitchell on his Sun Fast 3200 "Roxanne". I a closely fought duel with many place changes, he eventually held off the chasing pack, beating Jerry Freeman on the J105 "Juliette" by 16 seconds on corrected time and with Richard Clark's Sun Fast 3200 "Fury" completein the Class 1 and Overall podiums only 5 minutes further back.

In Class 2 the two X332's took the honours, with Kirsteen Donaldson on "Pyxis" holding off Christoph Fredrich on "Felix", and Paul Reymond on his Parker 275 "Oi Oi" completing the podium.

A full report will follow.


Kuba Szymanski, skipper of the First 40.7 "Polished Manx" reports

80 miles race in 10 hours ! That was definitely a fast race. First boat in IRC separated from second by 16 seconds. Top 6 boats within 15 min - that shows that race was serious. 

Running start was close and everyone but one chose white sails. Wind was 8-14 WSW to start with but Became SW after Hurst. There were basically two schools of thoughts - stay above or below rhumbline. Surprisingly both tactics worked in the end of the day maybe favouring a bit south pack. 

SF 3200 did very well but J105 showed true colours too. Slower boats were never going to win in this race as waterline was supposed to win - however those with IRC 1.000 or close to were the winners. 

Wind picked up towards the end gusting 17-20 true but was more northerly than anticipated. 

First points of the series were won and tomorrow at 1200 Brixham to Plymouth 40 miles race. 




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