Useful Links
SORC are not alone. Here are some useful links

There are solo & double handed yacht racing organisations around the world with a similar ethos to SORC. We would like to hear from you and share links between our web sites, so please contact us.

San Francisco - Singlehanded Sailing Society -
CHESSS - Chesapeake Shorthanded Sailing Society -
Single Handed Sailing Society member, Andrew Evans, has writen this excellent guide to solo yacht racing - Single Handed Sailing

Bermuda One-Two Yacht Race

Royal Cornwall Yacht Club (Falmouth)
AZAB - The classic Azores and Back Race run by the Royal Cornwal Yacht Club. You can race either double handed or solo and there is always large contingent of SORC members entering -
Royal Western Yacht Club (Plymouth)
RB&I - Round Britain & Ireland Yacht Race (double handed) -
OSTAR & TWOSTAR - Trans-Atlantic Yacht Race (solo & doube handed) -
Normandie Solo - A fantastic week of port to port racing -
Transquadra - Continental Europe to Madeira to the Caribbean -
Cap Martinique - 3800 non-stop solo or duo from La Trinite to Martinique -
1000 Mile Double Handed Race -
500 Mile Solo or Double Handed Race -
SSANZ - Short Handed Sailing Association of New Zealand -

Useful Links