SORC Classes and Introduction
Which boats do we race in SORC?

What boats do we sail in SORC?

Whilst SORC is pleased to accept Class Entries for "open style" boats such as Class 40's, Mini 650's and Multi-hulls, the bulk of the fleet is made up of IRC rated yachts which are then sub-divided into 2 classes. We run Class IRC Results and also Overall IRC Results for each event and, more often than not, all Classes share the same starting line and starters gun which adds to the excitement.

SORC IRC Class 1

In 2022, Class 1 includes yachts rating 0.985 and above. This typically includes boats such as the Sun Fast 3600, First 40.7, J122/J111, Stewart 37, Figaro 2, Sunfast 3200, J105, HOD 35, JOD 35 and so on!

SORC IRC Class 2

Often the widest IRC band, recent entries have started at a Sonata rating 0.810 through to Sadler 32, Contessa 32, Scampi, Super Arelquin, Hanse 295, Maxi 1050 & 1100, Dehler 36, Elan 333 & 34, Figaro 1, Victoria 4, Westerly Typhoon and more. Many of these boats can win given their best conditions.

SORC Class 3 - Open Classes, Unrated boats, Multihulls

Class 40's, Mini 650's, Mutihulls and unrated boats are all welcome and we can cater for you in our racing. Just ask us and we will find a way!

SORC Classes and Introduction