2022 RIOW Race

Event Date: 23 Jul 2022 - 1 days

Inshore Series Race 5 - RIOW (Round the Isle of Wight) on Saturday 23rd July

A unique solo yacht race, with a Solo and a Double Handed class, around the Isle of WIght. Always keenly contested and usually SORC's best attended annual challenge. The vagaries of the wind and tides add to the already significant test of racing solo or double handed. This is the race every SORC skipper wants to win!

For this race SORC becomes SORC .... Solo Offshore Racing Club becomes Short-Handed Offshore Racing Club!!

For the Double Handers, this race forms part of the 2022 Double Handed Offshore Series (DHOS), and DHOS will extract results and points accordingly.

UK Double Handed Offshore Series


The race will start and finish off Cowes after a circum-navigation of the Isle of Wight. East or Westabout TBA.

  • Prizes will be awarded for individual classes and overall

  • The overall solo winner on corrected time under IRC wins "The Anticipation Cup"

  • The first solo IRC boat on elapsed time wins the Watermark Trophy

  • There will be a prize for the first solo Rookie under IRC

  • Race Directors Discretionary Prize

  • All boats get an event shirt

Weather Briefing - 7pm in the RORC clubhouse in Cowes on Friday evening

This will be given by Libby Greenhalgh and is free to all RIOW competitors. Liiby's weather and tactical skills are legendary, so come and learn from a Pro how to get around the Island. RORC will be able to offer dinner, but you need to book direct in advance.

Saturday Night Prize Giving

This will be held at the Island Sailing Club in Cowes. As with the berthing, please email to confirm how many seats you need. Skippers to pay the ISC direct on the night.


Space has been reserved at Sheherds Marina. Skippers to pay direct BUT if you want a berth on either Friday or Saturday night then we need to know, and give SHepherds advnace warning .... so please email to confirm your requirements.



A Virtual Mark off the Needles will be set to stop any rock hopping or wreck dodging!!!





ENTRIES at 22/07/22      
Class 1 - IRC SOLO - TCF 0.985 & higher    
Stephen Scholefield Mustigo II J-111 1.096
Graham Deegan Akarana Farr 30 1.039
Donald Macdonald Bonkers Salona 38 1.024
Stephen Thomas Azora C&C 115 1.020
Tim Wright Serena J J-109 1.004
Noel Cockle Monocle Beneteau Oceanis 45 1.002
Kass Schmitt Zest Humphries 36 Custom 0.996
Simon Mitchell Roxanne Sun Fast 3200 0.994
Jeremy Freeman Hot Pursuit Sun Fast 3200 0.991
Nick Lee Wee Bear Projection 920 (Mod) 0.990
Class 2 - IRC SOLO - TCF 0.984 & lower    
Gary Heward Amylou Maxi 1100 0.970
Christoph Friedrich Felix X332 0.957
John Skipper Magewind Maxi 1050 0.956
Kirsteen Donaldson Pyxis X332 0.954
Chris Morton L' Aventure II Pogo 850 0.945
Paul  Reymond Nympheas Dufour 36 classic 0.941
David Bright Kit Off Corby 25 0.914
Tom Lee Freedom Hustler SJ30 0.908
Rob Macgregor Dark Horse Mustang 30 0.903
Juan Moreno Salamander Sigma 33 OOD 0.894
Jan Thirkettle Olivia Anne VI Quarter Tonner 0.806
Jonathan Bevan Jelenko.II Sun Fast 3600 1.044
Emma James Wavetrain Channel 32 1.034
Johnny Cooper Paradox Sun Fast 3300 1.034
Shirley Robertson Rockit Sun Fast 3300 1.031
Ellie Driver Chilli Pepper Sun Fast 3300 1.031
Nigel Colley Fastrak XII Sun Fast 3300 1.030
Jonathan Tyrell Wild Pilgrim Sun Fast 3300 1.030
Tom Fenemore New Normal Sun Fast 3300 1.028
Chris Agace Atomic Sun Fast 3300 1.025
Wayne Palmer Jam J-99 1.016
Kuba Szymanski Polished Manx First 40.7 1.016
Tom Hayhoe Mostly Harmless J-105 1.003
Kate Cope Purple Mist Sun Fast 3200 R2 0.999
Robert Nelson Bigfoot J-105 0.996
Tim Goodhew Cora Sun Fast 3200 R2 0.996
Miles Delap Sun Kosi Sun Fast 3200 0.994
Class 5 - DOUBLE HANDED - non-rated    
Sam Shrives Ursus Beneteau 30 0.805

Current Entries

The follow people have entered this race to date.

Entrant Boat IRC
Stephen Scholefield Mustigo II 1.096
Jonathan Bevan Jelenko.II 1.044
Graham Deegan Akarana 1.039
Shirley Robertson Rockit 1.035
Emma James Wavetrain 1.034
John Cooper Paradox 1.034
Jim Driver Chilli Pepper 1.032
Nigel Colley Fastrak XII 1.03
Jonathan Tyrrell Wild Pilgrim 1.03
Thomas Fenemore New Normal 1.028
Chris Agace Atomic 1.025
Donald Macdonald Bonkers 1.024
Stephen Thomas Azora 1.02
Kuba Szymanski Polished Manx 1.016
Tim Wright Serena J 1.004
Tom Hayhoe Mostly Harmless 1.003
Noel Cockle Monocle 1.002
Kate Cope Purple Mist 0.999
Kass Schmitt Zest 0.996
Tim Goodhew Cora 0.996
robert nelson Bigfoot 0.996
Simon Mitchell Roxanne 0.994
Miles Delap Sun Kosi 0.994
Jeremy Freeman Hot Pursuit 0.991
Nick Lee Wee Bear 0.99
Gary Heward Amylou 0.97
Christoph Friedrich Felix 0.957
John Skipper Magewind 0.956
Kirsteen Donaldson Pyxis 0.954
Chris Morton L’Aventure II 0.945
Paul Reymond Nympheas 0.941
David Bright Kit Off 0.914
Tom Lee Freedom 0.908
Rob Macgregor Dark Horse 0.903
Juan Moreno Salamander 0.894
Sam Shrives Ursus 0.805
Jan Thirkettle Olivia Anne VI 0
2022 RIOW Race
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