North U Training Day

Event Date: 17 Apr 2020 - 1 days
Venue: Central Solent to Portsmouth United Kingdom



North U SORC Training Day - Friday 17th April



North Head Coach:

Mike Henning - 07920 810700



This event is being staged the day before the first SORC race of the 2020 season, so whilst it may start in the Central Solent, it will be designed to finish off Portsmouth so you are ready for Saturday's race.

Start Mark (to be designated) - This will be the Mark where we congregate throughout the day. It will act as one end for any starts and the leeward mark for courses. 

VHF 72 - All participants please make sure you have a radio deck speaker or handheld so you are able to hear our instructions.

We will endeavour to get around all the boats and if possible get a coach onboard for a short period as well so anything you wish to discuss please do get as much out of us as possible. We intend to have a more interactive briefing and will certainly want a discussion led style as you are the guys out there racing Solo week in week out and can learn from each other as much as us.

  • 1000 - North coaches will be on station in ribs. Boats to gather in this area and begin some upwind and downwind work we will begin to gather footage and give advice. We will designate a Windward mark depending on the Wind direction and pressure.
  • If the weather permits we will try and drop coaches onboard for short periods to give direct advice.
  • Following this we will set a start line with a number of rolling starts to work on your boat handling in the pre start and getting the boat up to speed.
  • Finally we will then plan a longer race finishing off Portsmouth, which will involve a windward leg, leeward leg (if a Coach requests a Gybe please do so for footage and analysis), another windward leg followed by a Reach to Portsmouth where you can test your reaching sails.
  • Aiming to have all boats back in Haslar Marina for mid-afternoon
  • North U debrief  at the Lightship floating bar with the coaches available for a Chat after.
  • 1700 North Ribs depart

NOTE - If the wind is very light and it is impractical to get specific drills in place we will aim to spend time onboard each boat running through important super light wind techniques before bringing you ashore earlier for a more in-depth debrief/discussion. 


Final Training Day Agenda will be posted here in due course


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North U Training Day
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