Event Date: 09 May 2021 - 21 days
Venue: North Atlantic United Kingdom

Along with many other events the 2020 OSTAR TWOSTAR was postoned until May 2021, with a year to go maybe you are up for the Challenge?

This is not a SORC race but has been popular with SORC skippers in the past, so we are happy to publicise it. All enquiries and entries should deal direct with the Royal Western Yacht Club. Here are some words from Race Director, Neil Dunkley ...


Dear Oceanic Skippers

As you all know the 2020 edition of the races has been postponed due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic. We have rescheduled the event to start on Sunday May 9th 2021.
On the respective race websites www.rwyc.org/ostar/ and www.rwyc.org/twostar/ you will find the following information:
2021 Notice of Race
2021 Entry Form
2000 - 2021 World Sailing Offshore Safety Regulations (OSRs). 
2021 Notice of Race 
We have issued one NOR that covers both OSTAR and TWOSTAR.
2021 Entry Form
All competitors are requested to complete the new Entry form (combined to cover both races). If you have already paid the £250 Booking Fee for the 2020 race you only need to submit the new Entry form. If you are entering the 2021 race as your first entry, please submit your entry and Booking fee together. All entries should be sent to the address shown on the form.
2000 - 2021 WS Offshore Safety Regulations 
Both OSTAR and TWOSTAR are Category 1 races. These are designated as Mo1 for monohull and Mu1 for multihull yachts in the Regulations. The link to the Regulations is in the NoR under 4.1.b.
The 'Complete' version shows the regulations for all categories plus the important Appendices.
The 'By Part' version shows the regulations for that specific category but you will need to refer to the Complete version to see the Appendices that apply to Mo1 and Mu1.
Also note NoR 4.3 where race management has made modifications to the Cat 1 OSRs.
Also note NoR 4.4 that explains what you need to do if you cannot comply with certain regulations. 
Qualifying Passage
NoR 6.4/5/6/7 outlines the requirements of the Qualifying passage. We cannot emphasis enough this is the absolute minimum. Many sea miles in open sea conditions is essential for you and your vessel's safety during the event.
For General Enquires and correspondence from me, we will use this email address OSTAR.TWOSTAR21@gmail.com
As the RWYC office is closed until further notice due to the pandemic, I will handle all enquiries. When you have submitted your entry and paid your Booking fee you become an Official Entry. We will then transfer you to director.ostar@rwyc.org
Best regards and stay safe and healthy.
Neil Dunkley
Race Director 

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