Event Date: 06 Jun 2020 - 1 days
Venue: Central SolentLocation: Cowes United Kingdom

A great excuse to get out for some solo and double-handed race training

The COVID SHAKEDOWN RACE is set for Saturday 6th June 2020

At the request of a number of our Double-Handed friends, THERE WILL BE A DOUBLE-HANDED CLASS for teams that comply with current Covid Social Distancing rules. We set the precedent a few years back in allowing a two handed Class 40 start, and in these strange times generally devoid of Club yacht racing activity, it makes sense to be cooperative.

As this event is being pitched as a season warm up training race you do not require a valid IRC Certificate, however without one a TCF of 2.000 will be applied!!!

We realise this is short notice and some of you may not have your boats ready, so we are staging this as a FREE to enter non-points scoring Inshore Race. A great excuse to get out on the water, get a race in, and use as training. Whilst it is non-points scoring, we will have a prize for this race at the annual prize-giving, so no excuses!!

The usual SORC rules and safety critera will apply, amended to allow a Double-Handed Class.

As Covid rules currently stand, solo yacht racing does comply. However, there will be no formal apres race social and we have to return home for the night. So the the race will be started and finished in the Central Solent to make things as viable as possible. If restrictions are eased, then we can modify the plan.

Email if you are interested?


SAILING INSTRUCTIONS will be available here imminently. First start will be 11am. The following SI's are being amended to allow a Double-Handed start, so are provided ONLY for guidance. They will be replaced.

SI's to be amended


The SI's should be used in conjunction with our 2020 NOTICE OF RACE document.


Current Entries

The follow people have entered this race to date.

Entrant Boat IRC
Stephen Scholefield Mustigo II 1.098
Gavin Howe Tigris 1.055
Noel Cockle Monocle 1.054
Rob Craigie Bellino 1.041
Sam Mabey Lightning Reflex 1.036
Nigel Colley Fastrak XII 1.027
Wayne Mortiboys Nautibuoys 1.018
Chris West Hysteria 1.001
Jeremy Freeman Juliette 1
Tony White Mzungu 0.993
Richard Clark Fury 0.993
Nick Lee Wee Bear 0.973
Christoph Friedrich Felix 0.968
oliver Love Frank3 0.961
Kirsteen Donaldson Pyxis 0.955
Edward Sneddon Papillon 0.938
JEFFREY Knapman Virago 0.938
Claire Dresser Lady Penrose 0.933
Steven Reeves Moonwolf 0.896
Paul Reymond Oi oi 0.858
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