Layup/Nab Tower Race

Event Date: 21 Oct 2017

Last race of the season followed by Laying-up dinner in Cowes.

Nab Tower Race

Where: The race will start and finish off Cowes. Expected start time 09:00.

Laying-up Dinner: This will be booked in Cowes. Details will be notified nearer the time.



Current Entries

The follow people have entered this race to date.

Entrant Boat IRC
Ross Hobson Pegasus 1.497
Stephen Scholefield Mustigo II 1.097
Ian Hoddle GameOn 1.041
Rob Craigie Bellino 1.039
Paul Brant Ninjod 1.035
Peter Newlands SEAFARERS ALE Anticipation 1.026
Matt Smith FULL CIRCLE 1.008
Jeremy Freeman Juliette 1.004
Nigel Colley Fastrak XI 1.004
David Cowell Jester 1.003
Tony White Mzungu 0.997
Simon Mitchell Roxanne 0.996
Tony Rowe Fantasea 0.985
Gary Heward Amylou 0.973
Kirsteen Donaldson Pyxis 0.956
Charles Emmett British Beagle 0.936
Christopher Ling Pocket Battleship 0.93
Donald Macdonald Dehlerious 0.919
Peter Norman Firebird 0.883
Paul Reymond Oi oi 0.864
Edward Sneddon Rackham le Rouge 0
Layup/Nab Tower Race
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